Revenuecat Facebook Ads Attribution Integration without IDFA

  • 20 September 2021
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I would like to apply Facebook Ads Integration to track subscriptions generated from Facebook Ad campaigns. My question is even if the ad tracking has been disabled by the user meaning revenuecat cannot collect idfa as identifier, yet is the attribution cycle completed accurately? I mean does the attribution integration without idfa let me see how much revenue the campaign generates precisely on facebook reports? Is facebook anonymous id enough for tracking campaign’s revenue?


2 replies

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Hey @Kimo! The Facebook Anonymous ID is enough for RevenueCat to use the Facebook REST API to deliver events. The actual attribution piece happens on Facebook servers, I’m not sure how not having IDFA impacts accuracy - even with IDFA attribution is never 100%. I wonder if anyone has tried to do any measurement or benchmarking around this? Maybe a company like Appsflyer or Adjust would have data on something like this. 

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Followup question on this. 

If we have RevenueCat sending purchase events to Facebook, does the IDFA opt-in impact what RevCat sends and FB shows? 


e..g if user doesn’t opt-in to IDFA tracking, but does start trial then subscribe, does RevenueCat still send those purchase events to Facebook?