RevenueCat Events doesn't showed in Facebook Ads Manager

  • 22 July 2021
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Hi to everyone,

I configured RevenueCat Integration with Facebook Ads following the official documentation. My goal is to track Trials and Purchases of an Auto-Renewable Subscription inside Facebook Ads Manager so I can check for every ad how much it converts.

The problem is that events, according RevenueCat Dashboard, been sent successfully but inside Facebook Dashboard I can’t see any events.


1 reply

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If you go into the event in RevenueCat and inspect the payload that’s being sent to Facebook do you see idfa being passed or anon_id?


If it’s idfa, and it’s a string of all 0’s, then I don’t think Facebook will display it in Ads Manager. In that case you should make sure you’re also passing the $fbAnonId subscriber attribute to RevenueCat so we can fallback to the anon_id. More info: