Per seat pricing with Stripe

  • 15 September 2021
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We’d like to implement per-seat Stripe subscriptions with RevenueCat. I saw the documentation on the topic and I have a few questions.


Our goal is to create a per-seat billing system similar to what you would find on Figma or Loom. The system would imply that:

  • users are able to create teams and add members to the team using emails
  • when adding a new seat/user in the team, the admin’s subscription will be billed accordingly (price x number of seats/users)
  • members of the team would appear as paid subscribers in the Stripe SDK
  • Revenue is counted only once

A few questions:

  • What would be the best setup to integrate this with RevenueCat?
  • I saw the Stripe Integration page, but it seems to imply a user-to-subscription link. Would a workaround be to link multiple users to a single Stripe subscription?

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Hey @Eliot :wave: ,

A price per seat model isn’t something we support at RevenueCat. You could possibly do something where a monthly subscription gets you X amount of seats, but access would also need to be handled on your end.