More detailed documentation on pub/sub

  • 10 January 2023
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is there a more detailed information on pub/sub and revenue cat?

I read this but its not working like this:

  • I can't enable pub/sub via the link on the first point. Is google cloud billing needs to be active for this?


I tried to create it manually, a push subscription but Im not sure about the settings and the revenue cat push url.

3 replies

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Hello! Generally we recommend letting RevenueCat create the pub/sub topic for you. As long as your service credentials are set up with the correct permissions RevenueCat can do the rest.

But for step 1, the link seems to work for me. You do need to connect your Google Play Console to Google Cloud: 

Let me know if you need additional help here!

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Hi @sharif  I will test it the next days.

I think I did the credential stuff a long time ago. Wouldn't everything else like fetching the products from the Playstore to RevenueCat not work without it?

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@sharif It seems like I had to enable pub/sub manually for my project and for something above like my account (Android Developer) or something like that, Im not sure on this and never worked a lot of google cloud.

The RevenueCat dashboard can connect now but how can I test if this actually works?

  • I can send a test notification and the last received shows the current date
  • If I refund It via the RevenueCat dashboard it gets updated instantly in my database via hook and rest call.

I just noticed an issue with web hooks it renews every 5 minutes and I refund via google play store console it does not fire another event with the cancelation after the renewal, maybe thats a  concurrency issue? It looks like that the renewal just went as a last event because it was already queued?