Invalid Play Store credentials

  • 15 December 2021
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It’s been over 36 hours and still I‘m seeing this error. RevenueCat docs says that this will go away after 36 hours but it hasn’t.


D/[Purchases] - DEBUG(30735): ℹ️ Found 0 unsynced attributes for App User ID:
D/[Purchases] - DEBUG(30735): ℹ️ API request started: POST /receipts
D/[Purchases] - DEBUG(30735): ℹ️ API request completed with status: POST /receipts 503
E/[Purchases] - ERROR(30735): 🤖‼️ There was a credentials issue. Check the underlying error for more details.
I/flutter (30735): PlatformException(11, There was a credentials issue. Check the underlying error for more details., {code: 11, message: There was a credentials issue. Check the underlying error for more details., readableErrorCode: InvalidCredentialsError, readable_error_code: InvalidCredentialsError, underlyingErrorMessage: Invalid Play Store credentials., userCancelled: false}, null)


Any help will be greatly oblidged.

9 replies

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Hey @Faizan Rafiq ,


Sometimes it can take a little longer than 36 hours, is this error still persisting for you?

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It's been more than 5 days now. Still getting this error. 

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I have this issue too, I created the Service Account correctly and configured everything on RevenueCat. After almost 4 days I still have the credentials error. I saw that in the last few days there were a lot of tickets opened for this issue, maybe it’s something wrong with Google?

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They have a poor service I would say. This is a crucial part of my App and they don’t even let us know what is wrong. 

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@DaveRiseUp, @Faizan Rafiq were any of you able to solve this issue? Any leads to finding out what the issue is would be greatly appreciated.

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@Joe C. @DaveRiseUp @Faizan Rafiq  Any news about this? I get same error even I did everything good.

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I have the same now :-(

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Me too


I am experiencing the same issue with Google Play, Flutter, Purchases SDK version 4.1.2.

The service account was setup 5 days ago.

I am wondering if it is because the app is still in the ‘unreviewed’ state. I submitted it for review on Friday (2 days ago) via the Closed testing track.

Will try again after the app is reviewed and post back if any changes.

Has anyone else had any success resolving this issue?