Facebook ads integration not sending events if idfa is disabled ($fbAnonId is enabled)

  • 3 March 2023
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Added Facebook ads integration:


When I test events in sandbox only the ones with IDFA enabled are sent, even though $fbAnonId is set.

This is reproducible every time IDFA is toggled on/off. 


Is this a bug? Cause from doing a research on this forum I found that IDFA should fallback to fbAnonId and send events regardless.


I also have my Facebook ads up and running, and not receiving events from RevenueCat.


Best answer by Yousef 3 March 2023, 16:40

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5 replies

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Not a bug. From the docs you linked IDFA is required on iOS,

Key Description Required


iOS advertising identifier UUID ✅ (iOS only)

It could be that the other posts you saw were speaking about Android behavior.

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Hi @Yousef 

It was speaking about iOS: 




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Any updates on this?

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I don’t think this is solved?

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@Yousef Is there any way to modify the integration to send data from RevenueCat to Facebook without IDFA? I only get about 5 percent that allow tracking and I think this number is way too low to send a signal to Facebook given my low number of subscriptions.