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  • 26 July 2022
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Hey! Is there any way to have discord webhook compatible with Revenuecat? There is an integration with Slack, but regular Webhook in rc and discord does not work together. Any ideas what to do to connect discord?

6 replies

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Oooh. That’s a cool idea. You can probably take our webhook integration and point it at a zapier webhook receiver and build your own pretty easily. This is a good integration request though.

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Would also love this since we use Discord instead of Slack


@librarian fighter, @Cameron Napoli - There’s a good example of someone using our webhooks to connect to Discord here

I appreciate this is an old thread but there should be an even easier solution to this without having to use another third-party to process webhook calls and forward them on.

Discord natively supports Slack webhooks, you just need to generate a webhook in Discord and then add `/slack` to the end of it.

Unfortunately, at the moment it appears RevenueCat is forcing you to use a Slack URL when configuring the Slack integration. If it were possible to enter a Discord URL you should be able to use the existing Slack integration to send messages to Discord.

@Jacob Eiting @Rik is there any way you could look at opening up the existing Slack integration to accept a Discord URL? I’m happy to help test it for you.

Hi, guys!


I upvote for this integration too. It would be great having a webhook integration for Discord.


What do you guys have to consider about, @Jacob Eiting and @Rik ?



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We actually just shipped this!