Could not validate subscriptions API permissions

  • 5 February 2024
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I'm trying to implement subscription purchases and in-app purchases using Google play and RevenueCat payment service.
Although we had already succeeded in integrating other apps, we had problems integrating payments for the new app.
I don't think the RevenueCat payment service works by accident.
I hope everything runs smoothly.
Let me tell you why I say this.
We followed all the integration methods currently provided by RevenueCat and repeated them not just once, but several times.
So, please refrain from telling people to refer to this while sharing reference documents.
So, I often waited for more than 24 or 36 hours, and now even after waiting for a week, the payment does not work.
Of course, the review and approval was completed in the closed testing track, and there were many times I waited while revising the product description for a quick method.
But it still doesn't work.
I am now waiting for a quick reply and hope this helps all users here who are having the same problem as me.
We look forward to your reply.


4 replies

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Hi! I am happy to take a further look on my end. Can you share the name of this app where this issue is occurring?

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Thank you for your reply.

App name: Greeme

Google Play package: com.greeme.matchingapp

RevenueCat App ID: appdffe8022f0


Looking forward to your quick reply.

Thank you.

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Thanks for providing me with the information regarding your app. I was looking over your previous thread with Ryan. Can you share the snippet in which you use the purchaseProduct method? It appears in one of your screenshots, you are using “greeme-4800-6m” as the productIdentifier. Can you try using “greeme_4800_6m_g:greeme-4800-6m” instead and let me know if that will allow you to make a test purchase?

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Hi there.

greeme-4800-6m is the base ID of the product in subscription purchases.
Also, greeme_4800_6m_g is the unique ID value of the product.
I have already entered the correct Identifier in the code.
i.e. greeme_4800_6m_g:greeme-4800-6m
Additionally, the store status is OK and it is compatible with previous products.
Can you check again?