Apple Search Ads data not showing up

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Hello everyone.


We are doing user acquisition over Apple Search Ads and 90% of traffic is coming from there.

In last 2-3 days most of my trial or purchase data do not show any Search Ads info like keywords etc on RevenueCat panel (on right side when I tap on purchase). Previously there was no issue. Anyone experiencing that?


PS. I have not updated the app codebase since 2 weeks.

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Hi @userfromfuture, if you can email us we’d be happy to dig into this. In the meantime, assuming there isn’t an integration issue, what do your organic download numbers look like? Is it possible the users that don’t have search ads attribution are from organic sources? 

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Hi, I have mailed you. I suddenly started acting weirdly last week. Till then all was good. Most of our users are from Apple Search Ads so I can confirm that none of new purchases have in last 4-5 days no attribution.

We have not changed any code till yesterday just to test if 5.0.0 would fix, but no luck.