Apple Search Ads Attribution - Not Working

  • 11 May 2022
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Hello, we are having trouble with getting Apple Search Ads attribution data for our app.


We have followed the integration instructions located here:, and have added the required configuration line:


Purchases.automaticAppleSearchAdsAttributionCollection = true


We also made sure that the iAd framework is imported in our project.


Our apps asks authorization via the App Tracking Transparency framework. We are running ASA for quite a few weeks now, and have released the version with the attribution configuration more than two ago, but we cannot see any kind of breakdown by campaign or adgroup in the Charts segmentation settings. We are only seeing Organic users:



We don’t know what we are doing wrong. Is there any way that to test our configuration in Sandbox mode?


Any help is appreciated, thank you!

4 replies

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Hello, can anyone that managed to get this working properly assist with any information? 


Thank you!

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Hey @Alexandrin! The charts won’t show information until an install driven by an ASA campaign (with ATT authorization) starts a trial or makes a purchase. Depending on the trial start volume of your latest app version this could take some time. 

We’re working on migrating to the AdServices framework which should give us more info for users without ATT authorization as well.

Another thing would be to check the debug logs on a test build that the ASA data is being captured correctly.

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Hi! Do you have an ETA for AdServies migration? thanks

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+1 for AdServies migration please.