API for managing entitlements

  • 1 March 2022
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We are making an app(both iOS and Android) that will containing thousands of in-app purchases and have some questions regarding the use of RevenueCat:

  • Is there a limit on how many entitlements we can create in RC? 
  • Is there an api for adding and managing products and entitlements?

3 replies

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Hey @Daniel Notland 

There’s currently no limit on how many entitlements you can create in RC. Unfortunately, we don’t have a public endpoint to create and manage products and entitlements. However, this is something we are considering and planning for. 

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Hello @tina,

I would like to ask if you see the completion of adding products endpoint in the near future?

Or approximately when do you think it might be ready?

Thank you for your reply :-)

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Hi @Milos Doubek 

It’s difficult to give an estimate here since we haven’t started development. We’re planning on overhauling our current REST API, still have details to work out. It also depends on how quickly we can hire :)