Wrong amount shown after purchase in Amazon App Store

  • 19 April 2022
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After purchasing the app for 11.99€ in the Amazon App Store, the amount is shown as 1199€ or 1298.05$. The problem is probably the German representation of “11.99” as “11,99”, which is being parsed as 1199.


5 replies

Sorry if I’m hijacking your thread, but are you able to receive Offerings while testing with the Amazon library? I’m still getting null, and not sure how to fix it. I’m wondering if Live Testing might work since we’re working with the App Tester.

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Yes, it worked. After a lot of trial and error though. I went right to Live App Testing, because it didn't work with App Tester.

Thank you. Looks like more trial and error for me. :)

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Hey Werner,

Sorry for the delay here! I reached out to you via our support ticketing system but something does look off here. Thanks for reporting! Let’s keep our discussion in the email I sent you. Once we figure out a resolution I’ll update the community here for future readers.

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It happened again