Why is packageLocalizedPriceString returning "4.99 $" instead of "$4.99" all of a sudden?

  • 15 August 2023
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I’m using the iOS SDK 4.25.2, for some reason when I ran the code today the localizedPriceString returned from the package object has the dollar currency symbol after the price instead of before like it has always been, so my UI is showing “4.99 $” instead of “$4.99”


Anybody else having this issue or know what might be causing it, maybe a phone setting?





Best answer by mrd 15 August 2023, 23:13

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2 replies

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Ignore, logging out the sandbox App Store user and logging back in again seemed to fix it :/

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Hey Mark,

Sorry to hear about that annoying issue but glad you got it fixed. Apple’s sandbox environment does have various quirks so troubleshooting steps like restarting the device, logging out/in, deleting/reinstalling the app, etc. can help to fix those random issues.