why is offering an "error type"

  • 16 May 2024
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 static func availableOfferingWithIdentifier(_ id: String) -> Offering{

Purchases.shared.getOfferings { offering, error in

if let offerMatchingID = offering!.offering(identifier: id){
return offerMatchingID


Trying to display a Paywall for my offering with an identifier. produces error



why doesn't the closure “offering” realise it’s own type?

1 reply

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Hey @t1esto!

It looks like your function has a return type of `Offering`, but calling getOfferings is an async method, so you won’t be able to return from the closure result. Instead, you’ll need to return the offering as part of a completion handler. Additionally, you’re force unwrapping the `offerings` result, which may result in crashes.

I’d recommend using a method like this instead:

static func availableOfferingWithIdentifier(_ id: String, completion: @escaping (Offering?) -> Void) {
Purchases.shared.getOfferings { offerings, error in
guard let offerings = offerings else {
completion(nil) // Handle the error or pass nil if offerings are unavailable

if let offerMatchingID = offerings.offering(identifier: id) {
completion(offerMatchingID) // Pass the result using the completion handler
} else {
completion(nil) // Pass nil if no matching offering is found