Validity of the subscription showing different value for introductory offer on react native android.

  • 2 September 2021
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I have created subscription with annual introductory offer and I am trying to fetch that product to show the user current offering but I am receiving wrong data as the validity of the plans is showing in some minutes.

How can I show the user active introductory price for given subscription?
How can I show multiple offers with multiple offers?

I am using React native 0.64.2.


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3 replies

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Hey Aniket!

Can you clarify what information is “different” for the introductory offer - what value are you expecting and what value are you receiving? 

You should be able to use the introPrice property on the Package to display the introductory price.


Hi Ryan,

I am facing few issues while displaying the subscription.

  •  I have created the subscriptions on the app store and play store with 1-year validity but on the app getting the validity of the same subscriptions 30 mins on android & 1 hour for iOS.
  •  This subscription has an introductory offer on android but I am getting the actual price on android with 30 minutes validity.

This is the following code I am using to display the product.

const offerings = await Purchases.getOfferings();
const purchase = await Purchases.purchasePackage(offerings.all[“identifier”].availablePackages[0]);

I am using react-native version 0.64.2

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Hey @Aniket Dalvi,

Sandbox subscriptions renew at an accelerated rate, so seeing 30min subscription durations is expected during testing. The durations of sandbox renewals are set by Apple / Google and outside of developer control.

The introductory price would also only be valid once, so if you’ve already made a test purchase with the introductory price, the expected behavior would be to see the actual price next time you go to buy. If you need to test the introductory price again you can try creating a new sandbox tester in Apple / Google.

Hope this helps clear things up!