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I get back results on V1 when I get customers but not on V2, V2 states “ONLY FOR WEB SUBSCRIPTIONS USING REVENUECAT BILLING”.

Does that mean just keep using V1 to get customer subscriptions only, and if so, will V2 ever get discontinued or this added?




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Hey @MRT,

As you found, the V2 endpoint /v2/projects/{project_id}/customers/{customer_id}/subscriptions is only for RC Billing and Web SDK right now - a version of this endpoint that works for all customers is currently in beta but it is not public yet. 

The V1 endpoint /v1/subscribers/{app_user_id} will continue to be available and we have no plans to discontinue or deprecate it at this time!

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I would recommend you add to the v2 documentation “ONLY FOR WEB SUBSCRIPTIONS USING REVENUECAT BILLING” note for that you can still use v1 to get everything.


As a potential new user evaluating the service who considers that a necessary feature I was almost dissuaded into thinking it’s not currently supported (even though it is by v1) - most API upgrades don’t lose critical functionality so I only thought to check the v2 at first to see what’s offered.