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  • 19 August 2022
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Will the Unity SDK documentation be built out further? I feel it’s lacking information, especially on the 4.0 RC release. 


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Hey @Paul Rivera thanks for the feedback! 

We have a backlog item in place to create an SDK reference page, kinda like what we have for other SDKs (iOS here:, React-Native here:

Is this what you had in mind? 


If you were thinking more about the docs at, are there any specific sections where you think our Unity docs are lacking? 

I’d love to improve them. 


Did you run into any specific issues during the migration? 

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Hey, any link to sdk unity documentation ? I need more info about classes & methods.

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@Sebastien Laurent sadly we don’t have reference docs in Unity like we do for other platforms, but here’s the source code which does have a reference for every method and parameter:

Here’s the main class that acts as a Facade to access the rest of the SDK:


Here’s a sample app that calls just about every method in the SDK:


And here’s the code within the sample app for most of those calls:


And in our main docs, you should find a Unity tab for anything you need


Better docs for Unity are in the backlog! Hope this helps in the meantime.