unable to import Purchases due to ERROR Invariant Violation: `new NativeEventEmitter()` requires a non-null argument

  • 4 June 2024
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I am trying to use Purchases in an expo project.

If I build with xcode, everything is fine. 

However, we rely on the expo development build during development.  Because ain’t nobody got time for xcode. 

If I try to run with the expo dev server (npx expo run:ios) then I get the error  ERROR  Invariant Violation: `new NativeEventEmitter()` requires a non-null argument., js engine: hermes

this happens at the time of import of Purchases (import Purchases from “react-native-purchases”).

I followed the standard installation and usage for expo.

It looks like this might be some sort of incompatibility with  NativeViewGestureHandler because that also starts generating errors only when I try to import Purchases.

Note that I know that purchases probably won’t work in this mode, at least on the simulator, but it shouldn’t crash the app.  That makes for some really challenging dx.




3 replies

I have the same issue, I’m stuck but I thing that the solution for this is use another library


I am able to use eas build now, and I can get it to run on my phone without this error.  It still crashes when I run the simulator, though.

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Hey @dustin-carr-4a3223 can you share which version of the sdk you’re using? 

We had an issue here that we fixed in v7.26.0 that may be related