Tracking Subscription Purchases using Revenucat in iOS App

  • 30 November 2023
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I am currently facing an issue with tracking subscription purchases in my iOS application using Revenucat. While I can successfully track in-app purchases, subscription purchases seem to elude the tracking mechanism. I have meticulously reviewed the relevant code and event tracking settings, but the issue persists.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem before or can offer suggestions on how to correctly configure subscription purchase tracking? I would greatly appreciate any insights or assistance.

2 replies

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Hey @kadir!

Can you clarify a bit more about what’s not working correctly? RevenueCat will automatically keep track of your purchases (subscriptions and non-subscriptions), and unlock entitlements for the relevant durations of the subscriptions.

If you’re not seeing subscription purchases appear in RevenueCat, it sounds like there may be something wrong with your configuration. Let me know if I’ve misunderstood your question or what you meant by ‘tracking’.

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Hello, thank you for your response. @cody 

In App Store Connect, I have two pricing options for my app: Lifetime and Weekly. I conduct these purchase transactions through RevenueCat. However, in RevenueCat, under the revenue section, I only see the lifetime packages. The weekly packages that are sold do not reflect in the revenue, but when I look at App Store Connect, I can see that the weekly packages are being sold and are recorded as revenue.