The provided Google Service Account credentials JSON is invalid.

  • 21 November 2022
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I have a problem when trying to add Service Account Credentials JSON.

I’m using the same file that I've used in the past, for 4 different apps, but now I’m getting an error.



I’ve noticed that previously we had to copy-paste the content of the json file in the text field, and now we’re adding file itself (this image is from the documentation).



Also, I’ve checked that service account has appropriate permissions for all of my apps.

2 replies

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Hey Milos,

Can you check your email? I tried to reach out to you about this via our support system a couple of times but I’m not sure if you’re receiving them.

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Hey Sharif,

I received only one email from you, and I replied to it on the same day.


Can you please try again? We can use comments in this post as well, if email communication is not working