The API does not return savings

  • 23 August 2023
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Is there a method to refund the saved money on each subscription as a percentage? (without having to use metadata, which would entail recalculating everything, for instance, when changing the subscription price from the Play Console).

As in the following image from the doc


2 replies

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Hey @gauvain-robert-81fadb!

This isn’t built into our SDK, but shouldn’t be too difficult to calculate on your own. I’d recommend using the `price` property on each product inside a package, and manually calculate the difference between two packages:


Hello Cody,

   Thank you for your answer. Additionally, in the image, you can also see the trial duration of the subscription, which can vary if desired (this is how it can be done in the Play Console). However, in each package item returned by the SDK, I don't see this field. Is this normal?