Subscription not autorenewing on .aab, yes on .apk's | React-Native SDK - ANDROID

  • 14 November 2022
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On my React-Native app, which is configured with RC, tested and working completely fine on development builds and .apk installations, the purchased subscriptions expire after 5 minutes and do not auto-renew with revenuecat.

Also, if you try to purchase the item again google play store throws an error indicating the user is already subscribed.


Strangely, the issue only arises in closed testing signed .aab build from the google play console. On .apk’s and dev-builds the subscriptions auto-renew without any issues, and the “active” array remains with the purchased subscription. The issue seems to be on the side of the revenuecat api, which for some reason returns an empty “active” array after the 5 minutes have expired on the production builds.


Is this expected behaviour in .aab build/closed testing environments? Apologies if that’s the case, I’ve been looking at the documentations and forum posts, there doesn’t seem to be anything written about this.


Below are the screenshots of the app, the first is the .aab downloaded from the play store which upon fetching the customerInfo object returns an empty active array, and on the bottom the apk which returns the correct non-empty active array. They are both taken at the same time (approxiamately).



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