RevenueCat doesn't display subscription while it appears in Google Play

  • 2 November 2022
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Hello! I have published my subscriptions in Google Play store recently.

During the testing - the subscriptions appear correctly in RevenueCat sandbox. The subscription also appears in RevenueCat when I use release version of the application that’s downloaded from the Play Store with my test account.

On the 31th of Oct there was a first subscription purchase by a real user and the purchase appears in Google Play. But there is no sign of this purchase in RevenueCat and also no sign of this purchase in my analytics where I log the purchase when it is received from RevenueCat callback in Android. I’m afraid that the user has paid for the subscription and didn’t receive its value due to RevenueCat not receiving the info about the purchase.

I’d value some suggestions for investigating the issue and understanding what exactly is happening. Thanks in advance.

4 replies

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Hi diniska,


It can take up to 36 hours for your Play Service Credentials to work properly with the Android Developer API. If you run your debug logs, you may see "Invalid Play Store credentials" errors and be unable to make purchases with RevenueCat until this happens. Once these 36 hours pass, please try to make another purchase and let me know if it still is not appearing.


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It is not a problem with the debugging. It is a problem in the production when RevenueCat loses the info about the purchase actually made.

When is this 36 hours timer starts? Is is after I release the application? Because the data is sucessfully received by RevenueCat in debug and sandbox modes. But it seems not working for the user.

Also, the update with the subscriptions was published more than 3 days ago and user purchased the subscription on the 31st of October. So, I don’t think the 36 hours makes sense here at all really.

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Opened Internal Ticket to look further into this issue – will post solution once resolved

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I am having the same issue. Can someone please help me out?