React native - Doesn't get Purchase information after call Purchases.purchaseProduct success

  • 13 May 2023
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Hi everyone,

My project uses RevenueCat with React Native and testing on Android. I have completed integrate SDK and setup play service credentials by following this, all is success.

I can call Purchases.purchaseProduct function without any error, but I just receive 1 or 2 purchase data on RevenueCat Dashboard and Webhook. Then there is no any next purchase data on dashboard and WebHook after that (calling Purchases.purchaseProduct is still success)

I have tried to delete my project on RevenueCat, re-create play service credentials and then just receive 1 or 2 purchase data.

Anyone has experienced this? 

I really need some help here.


Thank you,

1 reply

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Can you confirm that you have Google real-time developer notifications connected to RevenueCat? Not having this enabled can cause issues in testing like you're seeing. It's not required in production but it will improve your RevenueCat integration by reducing delays.