Price is 10% greater than what is on App Store Connect

  • 29 November 2021
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I have created multiple products within App Store Connect with the correct prices set in GBP. However when the IAP popup appears in the app the price is 10% greater that what I set in App Store Connect. For example one product has a price of £79.99 but when I try to pay for it in the app the price is £84.99.


I am using the React Native SDK.



App Store Connect:



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Hi, i think it is because the App store is adding his commission.

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Wouldnt the App Store commission be either 15% or 30% depending if you are on the Small Business program or not?

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Any App Store commission would already be baked into the product price. Did you just change the price? There could be some propagation delay on Apples end here. I’ve seen new products take ~24hrs before they become available to purchase after getting created in App Store Connect. 

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I dont think its a propagation issue, as I created the products last week. I created 10 products and everytime I go to purchase them the price is always £5 more than what I set in App Store Connect.

Sorry the 10% in the title of this comment is incorrect. I should of said £5.

Would it be due to the fact that I am using a Sandbox account to test it? Or is it some locale issue with my device? 

Is there an API from RevenueCat that I can use that calls Apple to get the products price?

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@ryan I just made the `getProducts()` api call from within the app and got the below response:


"description": "",
"introPrice": null,
"intro_price": null,
"intro_price_period_unit": null,
"currency_code": "USD",
"price": 39.9900016784668,
"title": "",
"intro_price_period": null,
"price_string": "$39.99",
"intro_price_cycles": null,
"identifier": "EIGHT_WEEK_5K_IMPROVEMENT",
"intro_price_period_number_of_units": null,
"intro_price_string": null,
"discounts": []


It looks like the product is set in USD price tier for $39.99. However as you can see in the below screenshot that AppStoreConnect says its in the GBP price tier for £39.99. Any idea what I have done wrong in AppStoreConnect?



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Hey @Walter Holohan,

Would it be due to the fact that I am using a Sandbox account to test it? Or is it some locale issue with my device? 

Yeah these would be good things to try and rule out. For starters, I’d make sure you’re testing on a physical device to rule out any crazy simulator issue and also don’t use StoreKit config files to rule out any problems there.

Since the currency is coming back as USD it could be a locale thing. When testing the product locale is not set off of the device, it’s actually set off of the Sandbox User configuration in App Store Connect. Can you try creating a new sandbox user and make sure you set the desired locale and go through this again with that account?