Paywall support for Ionic React / Capacitor

  • 4 December 2023
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The new paywall feature looks amazing!  Is it possible to use with capacitor (I think not but wanted to verify) and when might it be available?  Any suggestions of workarounds for the interim?  



7 replies

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Same question , you work for integration with capacitor ?

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Hi! While this is not something that we have currently, it is on the roadmap. I have added both of you to our notification list for when a beta is available.

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Thanks!  I think this is an important one given how good your guidance is for getting everything else going with ionic/capacitor.  

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Yes it’s very important , I think we are many users , we use Capacitor

I agree


I would also love to see this implemented, we are releasing our game in a few months and it would be awesome if we could utilize this!

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I would love to see the paywall feature for Capacitor as well!

@jamiejamie My current workaround has been to design my own paywall, fetch the data for the matching offering from RevenueCat, and insert the relevant data (price, etc) into the paywall html dynamically.