One-time X-years Subscriptions

  • 16 September 2021
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Hi there,

We would love to give our app users the ability to pay one time for a long time subscription (e.g. 5 years) which is not possible by AppStore or Play store.


Is it possible to make it happen with RevenueCat?


The goal is to pay once for a traceable/trackable subscription where RevenueCat’s purchases SDKs can verifies users’ entitlements for the duration of the subscription.


It doesn’t have to be a “subscription” but should be trackable.


Thanks in Advance!


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Hey @Hadi!

For Apple App Store, you can set up a non-renewing subscription product. Currently, we treat non-renewing subscriptions similarly to non-subscription purchases (like consumables and non-consumables) since Apple doesn't provide an expiration date. To get non-renewing subscriptions to behave as you'd expect, you need to do some date math comparing the purchase date to the duration you set for the product.

As for Google Play Store, there’s not a concept of non-renewing subscriptions similar to Apple. Instead, you’ll have to set up an in-app product (like consumables) for the product and follow a similar logic of date comparisons above.

To read more about non-subscription products: