License test in closed test on Play Store

  • 29 January 2024
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I have set up my app, with an auto-renewing subscription in a closed test track on Play Store with myself as License tester, and then downloaded the app on my test device. All subscriptions features seems to work fine, I can subscribe, cancel a subscription, restore a subscription  and all actions are reflected in RC backend in the  sandbox overview.  But I am curious about the options one finds in Google Play Store>Configuration>License test page.  I choose the ERROR_CONTACTING_SERVER as response and saved, my expectation was to get an error in the app when buying a new subscription. But no the purchase of a new subscription went well. 


So my question is how are these response options on the License test page linked to the RC SDK?


Regards Tomas

2 replies

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Hey @Tomas M,

According to Google’s docs this is a “local” error:

So it sounds like it won't actually prevent purchases from going through. It may simply be a validation check which RevenueCat does server side.

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Hey Sharif,

Thanks for your answer.


Best Regards