Issue with Closed Testing Program and Credit Card Information Request

  • 19 April 2024
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Hello RevenueCat Community,

I'm encountering an issue where, despite setting up a closed testing program and adding my email to the list, I'm still being prompted for credit card information when installing the app on my phone. This behavior persists even though I've successfully joined the testing program through the provided link.


  • Platform: Android using flutter
  • SDK Version: purchases_flutter: ^6.26.0
  • Testing Program Setup: I've created a closed testing program in the RevenueCat dashboard and added my email to the list. The program is configured to not require payment information.

Issue: When I install the app on my phone using the same email, the system still requests credit card information. This behavior is unexpected since I'm part of the closed testing program.

Steps Taken:

  • I've ensured that the email used in the app matches the one added to the testing program.
  • I've tried clearing the app's cache and reinstalling it to no avail.
  • I've verified that the RevenueCat SDK is correctly initialized in my app.

Expected Outcome: I expect the credit card information to be auto-filled with a testing card provided by RevenueCat, allowing me to access the premium features or content without manually entering payment information, as I'm part of the closed testing program.


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Hi @nizaro,

To use a test card you also have to add the email as a license tester. This is documented here:

The full range of possible testing scenarios with testing cards and real cards is found here:


Thank you for the helpful suggestions! I managed to resolve the issue by adjusting the license response on the Play Store to "LICENSED." Interestingly, this solution wasn't explicitly mentioned in the documentation, or perhaps I overlooked it.

For anyone encountering a similar challenge, consider checking the license response setting on the Play Store as well. It might just be the missing piece of the puzzle!

I've also attached a screenshot for reference, highlighting the specific setting I adjusted. Hopefully, this visual aid will assist others in implementing the solution effectively.

Once again, thanks for the assistance, and I hope this information proves helpful to others in the community.