Is it bug with App Store implementation? ConfirmationNeededForBuyRecurringItem

  • 18 November 2023
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I tried to test current MagicWeather and purchase_tester Flutter examples with iPhone 15, purchases_flutter: ^6.3.0

I configured everything correctly; “paywall” shows in-app subscription, I click to buy, it opens native iOS screen where I input Email and Password and confirm purchase, then it goes back to “paywall”. It is in a loop. I tried to debug. After making purchase, it goes back to “paywall”; when I close “paywall”, I receive this output in debug console of XCode:

metrics =     {
actionUrl = "";
dialogId = "MZCommerceInAppBuy.ConfirmationNeededForBuyRecurringItem.CPS.Auth";
eventType = dialog;
message = "Sign in with Apple ID";
mtEventTime = "2023-11-18 16:08:20 Etc/GMT";
mtTopic = "xp_its_main";
osloTitleType = text;
osloTitleValue = "AbstractSalableInfoModule.SandboxTitle";
topic = "xp_its_main";
pings = (


Perhaps something is missing in MagicWeather code? Or bug in SDK? I assume iOS tries to show “Confirm/Cancel” modal but instead it returns to RevenueCat’s “paywall”.

Could you help please?

P.S. Purchase never made… but everything configured properly.

3 replies

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It could be Apple issue; I assume confirmation box should be shown, “confirm purchase? / cancel?” - and it is not shown; I found some discussions, like this one


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Reported as bug

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Hi, to better investigate this could you please run and provide the RevenueCat SDK’s debug logs? You can enable them following our guide here: