iOS 'Receipt is invalid' Megathread

  • 8 February 2023
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If you’re here, it’s probably because you’ve encountered an active issue related to Apple’s receipt verification.

RevenueCat relies upon Apple’s `verifyReceipt` endpoint which is currently facing an outage:

This seems to be affecting sandbox and TestFlight purchases only at this time, although Apple’s status page doesn’t mention it explicitly.

Encountering this issue? Post below ⬇️ RevenueCat isn’t able to resolve this at this time from our end, but it may help bring awareness and ease to other developers facing the same issue.

Update 2/8/23 19:20 UTC:

Customers (and me 😃) reporting things are working as expected again - post below if you’re still having trouble, seems like a slow rollout of a fix from Apple.

Update 2/8/23 17:40 UTC:

Apple’s reporting the issue is fixed, but we’re still encountering errors. Will provide another update as soon as possible.

51 replies


I’m still getting this error as of today, does anyone know why this is happening?