iOS App - Issues getting subscription state

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I am working on implementing RevenueCat into my iOS App. I am able to make purchases using the sandbox environment and within the RC Sandbox Dashboard I am able to see that the Firebase Authentication id I am using is displaying properly as the RC Unique ID. 

To be clear, I am using the automatically generated Firebase Authentication Unique Identifier as the UID on RC. 


The issue I am having is determining the subscription state. Following along with the example project included in the swift package. I am attempting to determine state using the following code…


    @Published var customerInfo : CustomerInfo? {

        didSet {

            subscriptionActive = customerInfo?.entitlements[entitlementID]?.isActive == true



I have noticed that upon launch, I am unable to retrieve customerInfo however, when I logout then log back into my Firebase Auth account - it will display customerInfo? I am not sure where I am going wrong.


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I’m noticing that my customer info is printing out isActive=false but that’s not making much sense… what controls that exactly?

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It appears that this all may have been caused by my misunderstanding of how quickly Sandbox Subscriptions expire.