Invalid Play Store credentials

  • 30 August 2021
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I setup every thing as in documentation and wait for a weak and still getting that error “Invalid Play Store credentials “ after making purchase

what should i do now  ???

and dose space in Service Account credentials JSON  string make a different ?


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4 replies

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Hey @Farhan! 👋

You should ensure that you have no extra spaces in your credentials when you add them to the RevenueCat dashboard. If you’re still getting invalid credentials after at least 36 hours, I’d recommend re-generating the credentials by following our guide, and/or ensuring the credentials you’re adding in the dashboard don’t include any extra characters.


no extra space or not space at all ? so the string will be like
1- "type""service_account" } 
in number 1 there are normal space between { and “type” , in number 2 there are no space at all
what should i type ?


@cody  Thank you so much it’s working when i remove space from credentials

I have pulled the JSON in notepad and removed every possible space accept in field names, all like breaks, etc…  Added the JSON again and still get the issue.  I have gone through the API linking as well in the playstore again and still no change.  I will wait a few more hours and see if it changes.