How to get notified when unfinished transactions are processed

  • 14 September 2023
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We use RevenueCat so that our own backend is the source of truth for user status information. We offer consumable IAPs.

After we make purchases via the RevenueCat SDK, we communicate with our backend to get the updated user status.

When I make a purchase on iOS and kill the app when the StoreKit transaction has completed but before RevenueCat has processed the transaction, I run into the scenario that the RevenueCat SDK will process the transaction on the next launch.

I see in the logs that the transaction is successfully processed by RevenueCat. But `PurchaseController.purchases(_:receivedUpdated:)` is not called afterwards.

I assume the delegate would be called in case of subscription IAPs, but how can I get notified for consumable IAPs?

1 reply

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Hey @thomas-hess !


We have some useful information on how we track non-subscription purchases and what we support in our document here


Are you sending platform server notifications? If not, this might help the speed in which we see that purchase go through. Since the purchase is being made not by the SDK and the app is being closed before we are able to trigger the purchase, this is most likely causing us to only see it on start up when that account is checked for a purchase or when a restore has happened. I recommend enabling platform server notifications in able to help us get updated as soon as Apple gets updated so that everything is in sync.