How to create a sandbox api key?

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I didn’t find how to create a sandbox only api key. Is it possible?

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Hey @Patricia Wong!

RevenueCat uses the same API key for sandbox and production purchases - you’ll find your API keys in the `API Keys` tab in your project settings:

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Hi @cody , is there indication when this will be separated? And when separate webhooks for test/production will be supported?

For data security reasons this would be very important to keep production data out of the sandbox  API during development. We would like to give our devs a sandbox API key so they can test everything but guarantee they do not break the production data.


Maybe a different option is then to create a 2nd RC account? This makes it harder to guarantee that the different environments use the same offerings defintions.

I am also looking for this info. How do you set up a full sandbox env for dev purposes, including API access?