How to create a sandbox api key?

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I didn’t find how to create a sandbox only api key. Is it possible?

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I want to echo that having API access to sandbox data would is important for keeping dev and prod data separate. @cody I would like to know if there are any plans to access the sandbox data via the API.


I am also looking for this info. How do you set up a full sandbox env for dev purposes, including API access? 

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For data security reasons this would be very important to keep production data out of the sandbox  API during development. We would like to give our devs a sandbox API key so they can test everything but guarantee they do not break the production data.


Maybe a different option is then to create a 2nd RC account? This makes it harder to guarantee that the different environments use the same offerings defintions.

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Hi @cody , is there indication when this will be separated? And when separate webhooks for test/production will be supported?

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Hey @Patricia Wong!

RevenueCat uses the same API key for sandbox and production purchases - you’ll find your API keys in the `API Keys` tab in your project settings: