How can I create a customer manually?

  • 10 January 2024
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I have tried to hit the{userId} endpoint and I receive data back, as the api docs show:


Get OR create a subscriber

If the provided app_user_id doesn't exists, a new subscriber will be created with the App User Id.


However, when I go to my customers page I do not see that customer having been created. How can I achieve this? What I’m ultimately trying to achieve is to provide a user with access to my app without them needing to make a purchase, however in order to set a promotional entitlement it would appear the user needs to already be created.

Any ideas?

3 replies

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Hi! This might be related to the cache in our customer lists. These lists refresh every 2 hours so you should expect to see some of a delay when checking. Are you currently still not seeing the users on your end? If you would like to check that an individual user was added to RevenueCat in real-time, Here is the documentation for how to do so: If you are still not seeing the user, can you share the user ID that you provided the endpoint?


 Thanks for your response! This makes sense, thank you. Just to be sure, there isn’t a way in the dashboard to create a customer, right?

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@dips2332, were you able to find an answer to this? I’m also interested in creating a customer through the dashboard.


@wes_clark, any ideas on if this is possible? I’m trying to grant a subscription to a user of mine who has never paid, so they do not have a customer profile in RevenueCat.