How can I check if my non-subscription product was refunded

  • 17 July 2022
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Hi there, 

I have a “Lifetime Pro” inapp product. After I refunded this through Google Play it is still fetched as a bought product by Revenuecat.


How can I securely verify that my non-subscription product is not refunded?

This function is essential for me as it would be too easy for users just to buy the lifetime product, directly refund it and enjoy the lifetime pro for free.


Appreciate any help.

1 reply

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Hey @tmaihoff 

If a a subscription or non-subscription product refund is granted by Google or initiated through the Google Play Console, it is not able to be detected as a refund in RevenueCat. We recommend refunding either through the RevenueCat dashboard or REST API for us to detect the refund.