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  • 5 January 2022
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We are building an iOS subscription based app where a user can:

  • Access feature X with no active subscription
  • Access features X & Y with active free trial
  • Access features X, Y & Z with active subscription

The features are content based so it might be that the user goes through all content of feature X and Y earlier than the free trial ends and in order to access the following “Z” the user would have to either wait for the trial to convert to a subscription or force end the free trial and subscribe. 

Question is if there is a way and how to achieve this “force end trial and subscribe” logic. 

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Hey @krsj!

I believe it’s against Apple guidelines to offer X&Y under a trial but X,Y,&Z under the paid subscription - the trial would need to be for the complete feature set. 

Another approach could be to have ProductA have a free trial and unlock access to X&Y, then have a separate ProductB not include a free trial and access X,Y,&Z. Customers could then upgrade from ProductA->ProductB. 

That said, there’s no way you can force end a trial early and start the subscription. Having the customer upgrade or change products would be the only way (their trial would still be active, but they could still upgrade to another product).