Flutter - Google Play automatically restores purchases

  • 5 August 2022
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I using Flutter SDK and have some problems with Google play.

for example I have 2 device A and B using the same google play account

  • I install app and purchase subscription on device A
  • when I install app on device B, Google Play automatically restores purchases (appUserId on device A and B is not the same)

So how can I prevent device B automatically restores purchases. 


I setup with revenuecat with appUserId like that: 

Purchases.setup(Constants.googleApiKey, appUserId: userId)

When running on device B, I have a log like that: “WARN: ⚠️ allowSharingPlayStoreAccount is set to false and restorePurchases has been called. This will 'alias' any app user id's sharing the same receipt. Are you sure you want to do this? More info here:

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