Expo + React Native Purchases wrong Play Billing version

  • 14 November 2023
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I use expo 49.0.18 and 7.3.0 react-native-purchases.

I building my project with eas.

I got an error when uploading my aab to the PlayStore, about the Play Billing version 4.0.0 that is not supported anymore.


I don’t really understand how can I upgrade this dependency 


3 replies

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react-native-purchases uses BillingClient version 6 so that should work. Do you maybe have another dependency that could be bringing the wrong BillingClient version?


No sorry that’s ok, I found out that when using npm install react-native-purchase it doesn’t download the last version but the 4.6.3 version… It confuse me about the version.


I upgrade to the 7.3.0 and everything work great.

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Oh I see. We did a hotfix release and npm believed the latest version we released was the latest version, which is not correct. We fixed it some hours ago as soon as we noticed, sorry you got hit by it.

If you try npm install react-native-purchase again it should work as expected.