EXPIRATION webhook coming in too early?

  • 8 February 2024
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For customer P7JhJ9xGhJeZq1zhrxRptq52Kmb2, I am trying to determine when to remove extra entitlements.

The EXPIRATION event seems to have triggered exactly 3 days after when renewal would have happened. Which is what I expect since grace period i set at 3 days.

But the RC dashboard seems to show that there is still time until expiration. Maybe this matches the “Grace period ends” timestamp 1707470032885 on the BILLING_ISSUE event.

So should entitlement be removed now when I’ve received the EXPIRATION event, or later when grace period ends?



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2 replies

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Hi! I took a look at the events, and in the expiration event, the “expiration_reason” was “UNSUBSCRIBE” which means that the user voluntarily cancelled the subscription before the grace period ended and their access should be removed immediately. Access should be removed when the Expiration event is returned. If the expiration event had been from the grace period ending, then the event would have been sent on 02-09.

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thank you