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  • 17 March 2023
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Hello everyone!
I’m facing an issue that everyone has faced, I can’t fetch any of products(subscription) that is registered on app store connect and even in revenue cat. I had checked all my code, no errors, I even read this article but anything has solved my issue.
I’m using React native to code the app, and I don’t know if Purchases.configure is working correctly.
I want to know where can I read logs to debug, I set this method : “setLogLevel(Purchases.LOG_LEVEL.DEBUG)” because another method(“setLogenabled” something like this) was deprecated but I don’t know where do I could check for every logs with revenuecat and debug the code.

Kinds regards.

1 reply

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You can build the project from Xcode directly rather than using react native tooling. The logs will be in the Xcode console and should give you more information on how to resolve the product fetching issue.