Docs for Stripe integrations seem misleading

  • 9 March 2023
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I have an app released in all platforms (desktop, mobile, web, browser extension) and has single codebase. I am looking into integrating payments for subscriptions for Pro features.

Looking into revenuecat website makes it clear that it supports iOS, Android and Stripe. When I go to the docs section I see SDK guides for Apple and Android. But not so much on stripe. I could not find anywhere that RC does not yet support stripe integration via its SDK. In fact reading the docs I get the opposite impression that the SDK functions work seamlessly across all three platforms.

These are the Stripe related pages in the docs - - It mentions setting up subscriptions in the stripe dashboard. At the end it links to continue to product setup guide. Nothing to indicate if SDKs are supported or not. - The product setup guide shows at a high level how things work in RC and puts stripe in same list as other platforms solidifying it further that all vendors are supported equally. - This is probably the goto page for checking out stripe integration info. The first line here mentions -

RevenueCat currently supports web payments through Stripe. This allows you to let users subscribe on your own website, and automatically unlock access to the same subscription content through the Purchases SDK.

When I read this, it makes me feel that the stripe integration is seemless similar to other platforms and the SDK should work for stripe web payments same as iOS and Android.

Even the section about limitations of stripe - does not mentions limitations of the SDK.

I have spent many hours trying to debug why my Cordova plugin on the web is not able to fetch stripe offerings, read the docs several times and after searching through this forum, found some threads (this for example) that clarified that stripe is a 3rd class citizen and not a priority for RC, and that SDKs are not supported and that we need to have our own server for stripe. To be fair, the fact that I need my own server for stripe is mentioned in the docs/stripe page, but again reading through that page without the context that we need to manage web payments mostly on our own and then later manually sync it with RC, it was quite confusing to read and understand as why these steps are needed in the first place and what is this guide telling me to do.

Maybe, its just me that is stupid enough to not follow, but I came with the expectation that if the website home page says stripe is supported, the SDKs and backend are part of it. I also came with a requirement to use a single codebase for all platforms, which I also understand would be a niche.

I just want to request RC team to make clear the limitations of SDKs regarding stripe integrations so there is no confusion and less frustration for anyone.

I also apologize if these thing are in fact clearly mentioned and I have missed it. 


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Hey @Mufaddal Makati ,


Thanks for reaching out! 


We are currently working on improving our documentation and are thankful for your post. Stripe is supported, but you will need to send stripe purchases through to our REST API, once this is done, all tracking of the Customer can be done the same as tracking for users on other platforms via our SDK.