Deleting Package Identifiers

  • 29 August 2022
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I deleted a package identifier in an offering I was setting up.  I then tried to add the identifier back in with the same ‘name’ and description and I get the message that the package identifier already exists.  However, it is no longer in the list.


Does this mean that I cannot delete package identifiers and then re-add them back in if I change my mind on an offering that is not current.


What happens if I delete the complete offering?  Will all package identifiers I used no longer be available to re-use in a new offer?




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2 replies

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Hi @KevBro , that’s very strange behavior and definitely not expected or intended (I just tried it and I was able to delete a package and then add a new package with the same identifier). I don’t know if perhaps something went wrong with the deletion of the original package.

In any case, you can definitely set up a new offering with the desired identifiers; identifiers only have to be unique within their offering (and in fact, that’s often the case, e.g., you might have a monthly package (which has the default identifier $rc_monthly) in all of your offerings).

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Thanks, the actual message I get is “Display name or identifier already exists.”.


I got this message when I set up a new offering as well.  I realized it was because I was using the same description for packages that unlocked the same level of content but had different durations.