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  • 15 September 2021
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Hi there!
I'm experiencing some delay on the PurchaserInfo data right after login. 
I'm using the Transfer Purchase behavior from

Problem: PurchaserInfo returns without active entitlements right after Purchases.login()

Steps to reproduce:
1.With a anonymous user, buy a subscription :white_check_mark:
2. Now the anonymous user has an active entitlement on PurchaserInfo :white_check_mark:
3. Log in (Purchases.login()) on a account with no active entitlements :white_check_mark:
4. Call Purchases.getPurchaserInfo() to check if user has active entitlements :x:
Result: The recently logged in user has no active entitlements, even though they should (because of the Transfer Purchase behavior). However, if I call Purchases.getPurchaserInfo() again after 2-5 seconds, then the PurchaserInfo returns correctly, with the user having the active entitlement.

To fix this I'm using addPurchaserInfoUpdateListener, so I can observe better the PurchaserInfo changes. But is this delay after transferring a purchase normal?


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Hey @Lucas Sampaio ,

You have the right idea using addPurchaserInfoUpdateListener we recommend setting up this listener to observe any PurchaserInfo changes.  Overall I think you are running into a combination of a slow network and waiting for PurchaserInfo to update. When using the Purchases.login() this will update the cache, but login waits for a callback to do this.