Crashes with Xcode 16 beta 1 and 2

  • 6 July 2024
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My iOS app crashes at run time in the following line in RevenueCat when Xcode 16 beta 2 attempts to install on iOS 17.5.1 (it does not crash under iOS 18 beta):
`self.subscriber = try container.decode(Subscriber.self, forKey: .subscriber)`

This is in RevenutCat/Sources/Networking/Responses/CustomerInfoResponse/init(from:)

The app builds and runs fine with Xcode 15.4
I have updated RevenueCat to 5.0.0


Debug logs from RevenueCat:

DEBUG: ℹ️ Configuring SDK using UserDefaults.standard because we found existing data in it.

DEBUG: 👤 Identifying App User ID

DEBUG: ℹ️ Debug logging enabled

DEBUG: ℹ️ SDK Version - 5.0.0

DEBUG: ℹ️ Bundle ID - maadotaa.TeslaSwift

DEBUG: ℹ️ System Version - Version 17.5.1 (Build 21F90)

DEBUG: ℹ️ Not using a simulator.

DEBUG: 👤 No initial App User ID

DEBUG: ℹ️ Purchases is configured with response verification disabled

DEBUG: ℹ️ Observing StoreKit.Transaction.updates

DEBUG: ℹ️ Purchases is configured with StoreKit version 2

Any help is appreciated


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Hi @ramin,


We had this issue tracked in Github here and it seems it’s finally fixed from Apple’s side.

Let me know if using the latest beta version works.