Consumables have "productType": "NON_CONSUMABLE" in purchasePackage

  • 6 January 2023
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why do my 2 consumables have "productType": "NON_CONSUMABLE" in purchasePackage?

I set them up as consumables on the App Store, see here:

But this is what I log:

```` LOG  PurchaseTemplate.js: purchasePackage {"identifier": "onDemand Session", "offeringIdentifier": "default", "packageType": "CUSTOM", "product": {"currencyCode": "EUR", "description": "Buy once and keep forever", "discounts": [], "identifier": "SMED_S_1_E", "introPrice": null, "price": 0.99, "priceString": "€0,99", "productCategory": "NON_SUBSCRIPTION", "productType": "NON_CONSUMABLE", "title": "1 Extra Session"}}
 LOG  PurchaseTemplate.js: purchasePackage {"identifier": "10 Extra Sessions", "offeringIdentifier": "default", "packageType": "CUSTOM", "product": {"currencyCode": "EUR", "description": "Buy once and keep forever", "discounts": [], "identifier": "SMED_S_10_E", "introPrice": null, "price": 7.99, "priceString": "€7,99", "productCategory": "NON_SUBSCRIPTION", "productType": "NON_CONSUMABLE", "title": "10 Extra Sessions"}}


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Hey There! 

Is the SDK configured to use SK1 or SK2? The reason I ask is because the productType in StoreProducts cannot determine the type using Storekit1, so this could be inaccurate based on that.

@Michael Fogel  Facing same problem…  I am new with the revenue cat ...Please let me know What to do?

testing on iOS version 16.5


Any solution, i’m also getting this same issue 👇

I set the product type as “Consumable” in App Store Connect. But after calling the product details via RevenueCat library i see it shows product type as “Non-Consumable”. Why?

@Michael Fogel I’m getting this issue as well. Configured as consumable, comes out as non-consumable.