Can we use RevenueCat for non-consumable purchases for both iOS and Android? (not just subscriptions)

  • 14 November 2023
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We’ve been using the open source SwiftyStoreKit for a long time for our non-consumable in-app purchases, but the project hasn’t been updated in many years: They have zero support for StoreKit 2 with pretty much none planned.

We recently started using RevenueCat for the subscriptions side of purchases (we just launched our first subscription). Can it also be used for our non-consumables? We’d just completely switch to it within our app if that’s the case to clean up our code. Android as well?

2 replies

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Hi! Here is our guide for non-subscription purchases: You are able to use RevenueCat for non-consumables for iOS, however we do not support them for Android.


Hi Wes_clark, I understand that you cannot support them for Android for non-consumables. 

In terms of logic, are you referring that we need to create a logic at the start of initiating our Flutterflow app to check the backend (Supabase) to confirm if our Android customers had paid, and if yes, then we don’t issue the paywall, or release the feature to them?