Looking for beta testers interested in new API endpoints

  • 23 February 2023
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We’ve been working on a brand new version of our REST APIs, and we’d love your participation in our closed beta for the new version.

The new REST API allows:

  • Managing your products, offerings, and entitlements
  • Getting customer information without creating a new one in the same request
  • Retrieving a list of a customer’s active entitlements and aliases
  • Obtaining overview metrics 
  • and many more to come 

Our new endpoints also introduce list and pagination for ease of access for entities of the same type, improved error responses to properly handle failed requests, and rate limiting headers. For more details, you can check out the preliminary documentation for our new API.

How can you help?

We are looking for developers who are interested in the above use cases and willing to participate in a beta program for this feature. Some key benefits of participating:

  • Being the first to gain access to our new APIs
  • Being able to give feedback before launch

If you’re interested, please fill out this Typeform to join our waitlist! 

Looking forward to sharing this with you!

3 replies

What is the timeframe for general access? We need these features now(Getting customer information without creating a new one in the same request)...

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Hey @Erion 

General availability for the customer domain will take us more time to fully support, as there are still moving pieces before publicly launching this. A rough ETA for this would be during Q2 of this year. I saw that you submitted a form to us today.

At the moment, the GET /customer request includes the active_entitlement for that customer. Would this be sufficient information for you in the meantime?

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@tina is this still open if so we would like to start using the API and try to help!